• Were you unsure or sceptical about registering for this workshop? I was not sceptical or unsure about registering for this workshop and neither was Mum. My daughter had registered and we thought it was a good idea. Still do! The specific benefit we have received is calmness and understanding and this will specifically benefit us in life because we feel we are more in control. We would recommend this programme to anyone who is willing to be open to learning. Warm regards Connie and Dianne.


  • Hi guys just wanted to thank you for the workshop Back to Balance today in Byron. Learnt some great tools that I can transport into life. Loved the meditations and stories. The day went too quick! Janelle x


  • I really appreciated last Sunday. I felt calm and sure of myself on my drive home. I guess the day re affirmed what I knew inside and what I needed to do. Now I know some tools to ground myself and to take snippets of time to myself. There are also no more excuses nothing is impossible. I was skeptical and unsure because I didn't think I should spend money on myself knowing that  I need just to shake myself up  and get on with it. I was looking for answers about which way to go with my life... I came because I wanted the tools to find that inner calm and help to visualize my answers to my questions. Your calming reassurance is why I felt drawn to this workshop. I knew you could help.  I think the most specific benefit would be the here and now, appreciating everyday and earthing myself every time I feel anxious about the future, cause it will come things will happen. I can find my happy place. I would recommend this workshop to as many as my friends as I can I think they all would benefit. Michelle Philip.


  • “I have heard Paul speak on several occasions and I would describe his connection with his spiritual path as being in “communion with nature”. His ability to share this with you will move you and inspire you to make this connection for yourself. If you have ever asked yourself “what purpose”, I know that Paul is the one man who can help you find the answer.”

      Shirley Farrell

􀂭      Start Me Up􀂮 Motivational, Educational Weight Management


  • “I have had the great pleasure of being in the audience when Paul has presented one of his seminars… I was without a word of a lie mesmerized by his ‘words of wisdom’ and his energy. His story is quite incredible and worth hearing… and his ability to deliver his message held my attention as well as the rest of the audience. Paul is very intuitive and his warmth and passion is completely congruent with what he says, feels and offers. I am excited about attending his next workshop because I know that I will leave with a greater knowledge of who I am and what my purpose in life truly is…” Susan Sheehan.


  • Paul speaks from the heart. His message is clear & meaningful. Paul is so genuine in his presentation & teaching and what he has to say will touch you and make you really think about the way you are living your life. If you have a chance you must find the time to listen to what Paul has to say. It will change your life.  – Dean King - Personal Edge Consultancy




What a wonderful, life changing journey. Thanks Paul and Phoebe for organizing it. Thanks to B1 and B2 for their amazing knowledge, the passion to share it, their genuine interest in and care for the indigenous people and all their wisdom and songlines. B1s' incredible organisational skills and professionalism are legendary. But, most especially. thanks to Lee and Leah for their teachings, Stanley for the Seven Sisters Songline, and of course Peter Nyaningu for his pure heart....Andi Neilands, Nimbin NSW


  • Opportunity of a lifetime. Bucket list must do. The Desert Dreaming journey May 2014 was an experience that I will remember forever. To be privileged to be in APY lands and have the Indigenous Elders happily share the Dreaming stories of the song lines of their country was fantastic. Brett 1 and Brett 2 of Seit Tours were well organised yet flexible. The trust and respect between B1 and B2 with the Indigenous people was obvious.(Both good camp cooks too, we never had to worry about being hungry.)

     The various camp set ups supplied all that was needed. That is camp showers and drop toilets. I thought it would be a          much more primitive arrangement!

     I thank Paul and Phoebe for their beautiful souls and the gentle encouragement they gave me when I was a bit nervous          about rock climbing.

    I had nothing to fear and am very happy I did the climbs. It wasn't as high as I thought. The views of the vast, open,                beautiful untouched country was the big reward. I won't give away the real reward of the climb. That is for you to find out.

   To Lee, Leah, Raymond, Stanley and Peter, you have no idea how you have changed me inside. You are wonderful. Thank     you. Maria


  • For anyone thinking about going next year, Do It. You may see me there again as well. The Red Desert country seeps into your heart and you will not be disappointed. I miss it but it comes back in my dreams. Thank you to all the like minded souls that I met on this trip. You are great people.

      The Desert Dreaming Journey will meet all your expectations and more.Go!

      Vicki Taylor Gold Coast QLD


  • I would like to recommend this journey to all my Australian friends. We are Australians and this journey gave me a wonderful insight, into true centre (heart) of our country. Also we spent some time, with some of the Aboriginal elders of the Anangu. WAKE UP, please, we won’t have these elders for ever. They are willing to share knowledge on their Dreaming, Song Lines, the way they lived and so much more. If you ever have wanted to learn many of their ways/beliefs, the time is now. I don’t believe the next generation will share in the same way, because I believe, white man’s influence has changed them. My cross-cultural experience has changed, some of my life long beliefs. The tour group, Seit were brilliant and looked after all of us in the group. The food, bedding, transport was great. I have the highest respect for Phoebe and Paul. I highly recommend this journey.

.........Ellimac Black QLD


  • I would like to thank Phoebe and Paul so much for organizing the Desert Dreaming tour in May

      I cannot explain how wonderful it was

     To meet the Elders and listen to them was incredible, made me feel like I needed to tell the world and get everybody to          stop and listen,be quiet, take in the world around us, smell the earth, flowers, leaves and yes, hug the trees

    It has left me in wonderment (If that's a word) still not sure how I fit in now,but we all need to slow down and appreciate           every little thing in life we have

    Thank you guys, Australia is the most beautiful place in the world, please lets all look after it

    Lots love Maria xxxxx Gold Coast Qld