What Is Soul TV?

SoulTV.com.au is a new online TV channel website changing the way soul awareness experiences are delivered in Australia.

The channel brings together Spirit Experts and Soul Experts to help viewers with their problems. Information and guidance from Spirit through psychics, mediums and channels is backed by practical ways to action change from life coaches, change facilitators and clinical specialists in each show, sharing real soul awareness experiences and education.

It is a 24/7 online TV channel at www.soultv.com.au. Accessed via subscription of just $16/month, the online channel allows you to discover, question, grow, understand, connect, transform, laugh, breakdown, breakthrough, realize, inspire and share when you want to live your life aware! As a subscriber you can be on a show to ask our experts for help directly.



Why Online TV?

It is online to keep your costs low and to allow us to explore topics without restriction – meaning we can discuss them with depth and explore differences of 



What Topics Do We Share With You?

The topics we share with you and discuss are as wide and varied as life - from the esoteric through to life skills. Our episodes focus on bringing you a range of information and opinions that are practical and delivered from a space of experience and knowledge to allow you to question and evaluate our topics, discussions and information for yourself.

When subscribers come on the show to ask about an issue they need help with we make sure there are strategies they can action from our experts and spirit – which also help you through their experiences.

opinion to help your understanding. Plus being online means you have 24/7 access to all archived shows to watch and learn from them when it suits you.

From spirit guides to body image, angels to mindset and motivation, crystals, astrology and other dimensions to wellness, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, sex, relationships, business strategy, coaching and mentoring – Soul TV helps you to learn, question and grow your soul by bringing spirit and your soul together seamlessly.

And if there is a topic that interests you, but we haven’t covered it yet – then we can create a show around it and find the right people to help you learn more about it.

Why Was SoulTV Created?

Soul TV was passionately created to take you beyond the power of a psychic reading into ‘how’ you use that information to action change in your life.

Our philosophy is simple: unless you choose to take action to address what is affecting you, you will remain reading, watching and listening while others change their lives. We provide guidance and practical and accessible tools for you for just $16/month through fresh episodes uploaded daily.
Can You Ask a Question?

Yes! All members receive a weekly show guide in the form of an email which shares how they can be on a show. We can then address your question in a show related to that topic.

Who Are Our Experts?

Our experts are professionals who are all actively working in their areas of expertise. They are located throughout Australia and join us in the studio to film shows each week, which then get uploaded daily to provide our subscribers with fresh episodes.

We believe that the level of expertise available in the areas of spirit and soul growth, personal development and coaching and mentoring here in Australia are above or equal to any in the world, so we have backed ourselves and local talent to create this unique platform of accessible expertise delivery.

Our Spirit and Soul Experts can be found on our Soul TV home page, along with links to each of their websites or Facebook pages when you scroll over each of their images.

Why $16/month?

Because we believe that soul growth and personal development should not cost you thousands of dollars! We believe that this knowledge should be accessible for everyone and have kept the cost low so you can grow because you want to and because you can easily afford to.

For More Information

For any information about Soul TV visit the website via my link or call 0433 740 081 to speak to the Soul TV team.