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Sacred Reciprocity: The Sacred art of giving and receiving.

February 22, 2016


What is Sacred Reciprocity. The Q'ero of Peru call it anyi and it is the sacred art of giving and receiving without the expectation of "having to" give back or take something just because it has been done or offered.


It is one thing that is really lacking in western society because we simply don't understand the concept. When someone does something for us in our society we are made to feel indebted for the gift and feel we have to give back rather than wanting because we understand the sacred nature of the gift. 


The true nature of giving and receiving is one of balance. In many of the countries we have visited it is a vital part of the culture and in fact they rely on it sometimes to survive. The giver gives without expectation of ever getting something back. The act of giving is sacred to them and is why they give in the first place. The receiver looks for an opportunity to give back thereby restoring the balance. The act of receiving then is also very sacred.


On the  Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali, West Africa we were hiking through a hillside village of the Dogon