"Represents the movement of a new wave of energy on the planet that encompasses the old ways, expressing itself in a new form."


About 10 years ago Paul came across a copy of “Shamans Drum”. This particular edition grabbed his attention because it contained an article about Don Américo Yábar and the Q’ero of Peru. He didn’t realise then why he was pulled to this story. In late Nov-Dec 2004 when he knew that the second symbol was to go to the Ausangate region of Peru and he was surfing the net to find how to get there, it all fell into place.

He knew it was to go through the Q’ero who are the keepers of the ancient knowledge of the Incas. How to get there? It was miles away from the normal tourist destinations. Even when they (Paul and Phoebe) arrived how were they to convey their mission to the people as they did not speak Quechua, the native language of the Andes.

Magic Happens and lo and behold as Paul surfed the websites there was a tour going to meet with the Q’ero and to Ausangate led by Don Américo which coincided with spirits instruction of the time to place the stone

Carla Woody  author of “Standing Stark” and Calling our Spirits Home” and founder of “Kenosis” was facilitating this trip.* Carla has been taking groups of people to Peru for ten years. From the very first e-mail enquiry there was a strong connection and their instincts told them they had found the way.

Over the next six months many e-mails introduced to them the other members of the group of 12 that would be on the trip. Would they want to be part of the stones journey or would Paul and Phoebe head off at a particular time and go it alone?

Flying into Cusco they both felt as if they were coming home. Filled with anticipation and learning how to slow down to cope with the altitude, they headed off to the hotel to rest.By the end of the second day the group (made up of people from N.Z. Australia, Germany and the U.S.A.) had found each other and we were all off to dinner. The energy created by our coming together was so strong that Carla, Oscar (the translator extraordinaire for the trip) and Cindy, Carla’s friend and assistant were pulled into the restaurant knowing that the rest of us would be there.

The next day we went as a group to learn about coca at a place called K’uychiwasi Quosqu.Here they make coca candies, tea, chocolates etc. Coca leaves would prove to be an invaluable part of our journey as it helps tremendously with altitude acclimatisation and acute Mountain Sickness.It is a Peruvian non-profit organisation working to educate the coca growers so that they see many valuable uses for the plant and to help preserve Andean traditions that are in danger of becoming extinct.

Day three and we are to meet Don Américo and then we are meeting with the Q’ero by the side of a lake outside Cusco. Waiki (a Quechua word which means cherished friend )Américo beams love and gentleness all around and he has already sensed the strength of the groups’ energy.

The Q’ero greet us with hugs as if we are all old friends and after they have conducted a “despacho” ceremony which is for the earth and to open the doorway for a safe journey to Apu Ausangate for the group, we tentatively ask ( via Oscar and Don Américo) if they will bless the journey of the stone.  The group prepares mentally, spiritually and physically at Salka’Wasi the 300yr old ancestral home of Don Américo, for three days before we head off by bus (a day on winding, bumpy and many times, treacherous roads skilfully negotiated by Dante the driver) and then horse back. We spend the time meditating, doing group exercises and also connecting/sharing with the Mollamarka Indians. It is a very special time.  After two days on the road we camp on the shores of a blue lake at the foot of Ausangate.The altitude is getting to some of us a little. The weather is colder than normal especially at night when the temperature drops to -15c but our spirits are high as the snow which has prevented groups from coming in for 10 years has held off and there is blue sky all around.

Carla is unwell and unable to travel. Some of the group are ready to go back. We are all supposed to go to the “Rainbow Lake” in the morning which is at 18,500ft where we are to “collect our stars”. We are camped at 17,000ft and the thought of going higher is a bit worrying to some. The stone has not yet found its home so Paul and I will have to go on anyway as during the night I dreamt that the stone was to go to the this Lake.  So the group took a vote and overwhelmingly decided to push on reluctantly leaving Carla behind.    She was to become our anchor and in spirit was most definitely with us. At the top of the ridge overlooking the rainbow lake we dismount our trusty ponies and are met by Don Mariano Yucra, the high priest of this area.  He and his assistant gather us together to conduct a despatcho ceremony in his Mesa (medicine circle).     During this ceremony we did offerings to the mountain and through Don Américo a message was passed from Don Mariano.

Don Mariano said that the stone was not to go into the Rainbow Lake “as it would not be able to do its job there.”

Where did the stone go?  All is revealed in "Set By The Ancients"  Book1.

We would like to thank Carla, Don Américo, spirit and the others in the wonderful group.  With your support and willingness to be a part of the journey "magic" really happened

* Carla and her work can be viewed in more detail at www.kenosis.net

Ausangate Ceremony

18,000Ft up on Ausangate with Don Mariano the spirit keeper of the Mountain, his apprentice and Don Americo Yarba. In his sacred circle.manta.