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When our vulnerability has been smashed - how do we recover?

Soul Tv Episode 308 Whether it’s in leadership, relationships or health vulnerability plays an important role in our growth. But when that vulnerability has been smashed - how do we recover? Our experts share. Watch 8pm Mon 14 Dec www.soultv.com.au

At one time or another all of us will have or will tackle a time of vulnerability. How we face and deal with our first experience will set the tone for future experiences. The question we would pose is whether vulnerability is a weakness or a strength….. what it is depends very much on the whole situation that creates the vulnerability in the first place.

Is it an inability to cope? No not necessarily. It is in our understanding, an essential part of being receptive and open to life and all that it offers. From that perspective it is not a sign of weakness or not coping but a sign of receptivity and connection. It becomes a weakness when people shut down their feelings, emotions and vulnerability and this is what allows people to be struck down over and over with health issues both mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

From a health perspective when we give away control of our own health on any level then we will automatically become vulnerable to outside influences that can have devastating effects. We then become open to our bodies, minds, spirit and emotions being taken over by others, viruses, germs, entities and negative energies. There is a healthy form of vulnerability as we suggested at the beginning of this blog and it is necessary for us to have this in order to remain strong and to grow in strength in all of lives paths.

For example: Healthy immune system…..when we grew up if one child got measles, mumps, chicken pox etc then all the Mum’s would bring the kids together so that they all got it at the same time and created a natural immunity that could then be passed on to others and their children. In that sense we also played outside all the time in the dirt etc and grew strong against different germs and each- others.

There is however a healthy limit to what we can be exposed to. All of us are different and therefore each one of us has a threshold of vulnerability that if crossed will see us fall. If you stay out in the rain too long you will get a cold. If you eat the wrong foods you will get sick. If you are under too much stress, you will get sick and yet there is such a thing as healthy stress. It is the level of vulnerability more so than vulnerability itself that is the issue.

Ok so now we have stepped over that threshold and our vulnerability has been “crushed”. Where to from here? The first thing to do is realise it is time to retreat and heal. Let’s go back to the person who has got sick from being out in the rain too much. Does that mean they should never go outside in the rain again or even outside? No! Perhaps the may have learnt that next time they will be prepared. For example wear more suitable clothes, have a raincoat on hand and make sure their immune system is stronger. Maybe they will listen to what their intuition is telling them so they don’t have to repeat the same challenges again and again. This analogy applies to life in general whether it be relationships, health, business and so forth. Hiding from life doesn’t help but we do all need time to heal, recover and reflect. How much time depends on the individual but too much time will weaken our defences and resources.

To summarise: Vulnerability is a natural, healthy and important part of being human and yet we must learn to be discerning with who, what, where and how much we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We need to not be the victim especially with health and step into our own power. Take charge of your health instead of worrying about it as all worry does is create what you don’t want.

So with health learn about how YOUR body, mind and spirit works and where its vulnerabilities lie. How far you can push it to strengthen it and how far you can go before it breaks. In other words set yourself boundaries for all aspects of your life and stick to them. It is only when we overstep these boundaries that we place ourselves at risk of being smashed. How many times have you done something and then gone “damn I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”

Within all of us is that little voice that wants to ignore the risks that are potentially dangerous because it tells us that by being vulnerable we are being weak. However there is also a voice of reason, the intuitive voice that is there to guide you: that is the one you learn to listen to. No it is not the one that tells you to wrap yourself in cotton wool and not venture out into the real world of vulnerability. It is the one that tells you to have courage and go again. Learn from what happens to you in life and above all else when “stuff” happen to you don’t let it make you less than what you are right now. Take the learnings and let them help you to be stronger and happy to be vulnerable to life and all that it offers.

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