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How to Feel Financially Safe in Your Home.

Soul TV Episode 287 How to Feel Financially Safe in Our Home. Belinda and her family just built their first home but financial strain due to bad advice has tainted it. Our experts help with readings on the outcome of her finances and how to make the home's energy great. Watch 8pm Mon 23 Nov www.soultv.com.au

One of the most common reasons why people find themselves at the mercy of unscrupulous or doggy financial advisors is because the majority of people are financially illiterate. They have no idea of how finance actually works. So we rely on others to give us advice and do the investing for us and we do not do our “due diligence”…..check everything, from credentials to reviews on and about the people and company concerned. In other words do your homework, ALWAYS do your homework. It will save you a heck of a lot of heartache and worry. If you are looking to become a millionaire, then go to a millionaire to learn what they have learnt. Then on top of that trust your instincts…and listen to them! Don’t let the glamour and dollar signs of a deal wash over your good sense. If it sounds too good to be true we can bet you, in one form or another, it is.

We don’t all have to be experts in every field but it is wise to learn as much as you can about what it is you are about to invest in whether financially or otherwise. Don’t just trust the word of a friend, or a friend of a friend, cousin, family member, work colleague unless you know that they know the ropes and the ins and outs of the deal, people and company you are about to get advice from or invest with.

If you get burnt, own the part you played, own the choices you have made and stop beating yourself up about it and anyone else. Unless a gun was held to your head and even then you have a choice, take responsibility for the mistake YOU made either both jointly and individually. It is not about blame it is all about stepping out of victim mode into responsibility. Admit it, gather up the positive learnings, move on and let it go.

In the case for this blog a home was built and now the angst over a mistake that is putting financial pressure on the owners, is filling the house and they want to know how to get their “home” feeling back. As I said the first thing you do is own up to and own the mistake as being yours, not the houses. The building did not create the energy that makes you feel stressed….you did! You cannot fully clear stressful energy from anywhere until you do that very first step especially if you are living in the space. Second step is to take a good long hard look at your reaction to it, the mistake that is, see who you are blaming and why, then take it back and say, “Well that was a doozy of a mistake I made and here is what I have learnt and I won’t do that again!” The next thing is no matter what the financial consequences it created…have a good laugh about it and never, ever call yourself stupid. Silly yes! Uninformed yes! The word stupid implies too much idiocy and the majority of us are not idiots we are just uninformed and too trusting. So if you are using that word in any context please stop right now, the energy it brings in and surrounds you with is horrible. Believe me I can see it form like a thick black cloud around the person it is directed at, especially when that person is ourselves.

So now you are going to become financially literate…right…the answer to that is yes! Once you have that knowledge in place or you are learning you will feel more in control of your financial status and understand how to bring it back into balance. I am not going into those strategies in this blog as the other experts will cover that side in great detail and beautifully, thank you Erzi Suranyi and Jo Robertson. I will say that I have been there, done that so am speaking from experience. You have owned your part and had a good laugh with all concerned. You know you have put in a legal complaint for all the right reasons if necessary? decluttered, placed gold coins around the home as instructed by someone else and things are shifting…where to from here?

When we disturb the land for any reason it is wise to always ask permission of the elementals and the area. Remember always that the Earth is a living entity in her own right. We ask permission by doing a ceremony and giving back in some way and then promising that for as long as we are living in that space we will love and take care of it. Then that will go into anything build or constructed in that space. No matter how much you paid for that piece of land and the home you have built, you never own it you only ever have guardianship over it and this is something the native peoples of this planet totally understood and still do.

In this particular case the house is already built so it is still relevant to do a ceremony asking permission to live there. You can construct the ceremony in whatever way is comfortable to you but we like to gather together items that symbolise all that we want for the home and land such as abundance, peace, love, joy and beautiful gardens… Make it your list. The next step is to cleanse yourself of all negative thoughts and energy and all who reside in the house. Take a bowl of dried white sage leaves, you can get them at most crystal shops or online, light it and then blow or waft the smoke over all concerned. Then take the bowl clockwise through every room, around the outside of the house and then to every corner of the block apologising as you go for placing blame on anybody or anything and that includes yourself. All the time seeing your finances and your house as separate entities and remembering the excitement you felt at building your “HOME” in the first place. Remember to use the word home not house when you refer to the beautiful space you have created for yourself and your family.

Now enjoy what you have learnt and created together plus your new found financial literacy.

Phoebe Hoogendyk.



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