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How do you truly walk your truth?

SOUL TV Episode 289 How do you truly walk your truth? Our experts share the simplest yet strongest ways for you to identify your truth and hold it in any situation in order for you to feel confidence and calm in your truth. Watch 8pm Wed 25 Nov www.soultv.com.au

To be able to walk your truth you must first know who you are and what your truth is! For this to happen a journey of self- discovery needs to be undertaken and for many it can take a lifetime to achieve, with perhaps some challenges on the way. In essence it takes us all a life time to discover who we really are as we are constantly evolving and changing our values and belief systems along the way. That doesn’t mean you cannot walk with the truth of who you are at any given moment.

Fear of not being accepted, judged, controlled and ridiculed for who you are is the main reason why people struggle with showing their true selves. There will always be people who will deliberately hide themselves for one reason or another. Remember the truth has a way of coming out. In saying that people need to embrace all aspects of themselves in order to learn their truth and walk it. It is a simple as accepting yourself warts and all: we are many sided beings, crazy, happy, funny, dark, light, loving…you name it. It is in the expression of all these aspects that we truly find ourselves. We step into our power and are able to walk it. For many people this is a hard thing to do because they are taught to conform and do things in a certain way. Being true is facing up to those things within and around you that do not sit well with you. Be open to admitting that you have different beliefs and values and that you want to uphold and express those. You have every right to do so and so does every other person.

So step one is to step out of judging yourself and other people and begin to express the uniqueness of you in an honourable way for all. Remember you are a work in progress and be okay with where and who you are in any given moment.

For us walking our truth is walking who we are. Honouring ourselves, accepting and appreciating our uniqueness and that in others and that we will change over time. It is all about being honest with ourselves and congruent with our belief systems. In other words we do not hide parts away, so there is only one face to show rather than many. What you see is what you get! It is so much easier to be yourself than to lie or pretend. You have to remember who you told the story to and all the details constantly….!! Too hard. The one comment that we get from people all the time is that we are real. We have nothing to hide so therefore we have nothing to fear and that is your strongest protection.

From a health perspective you will rob your body of life giving energy when you are not yourself. Remember the term “I am not feeling like myself today!” This can lead to all sorts of physical conditions, cancer in particular, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia to name a few. When you don’t honour who you are you don’t like who you are and your cells will respond accordingly. Your cells listen to everything you think, do and say….remember that! You can also pass that all on to your children subconsciously and then they begin to express the same patterns such as lack of self-esteem which can express itself with physical, emotional and mental health problems.

When people ask how do I know I am on my path? If you are walking your truth and following your intuition you will for the most part be feeling balanced and pretty content, able to cope with most challenges that come your way. You feel healthier as well as look it, your intuition and spirit connection or guidance is also strong and clear.

Learn to tune into what is right for you. If a situation, person or event make you uncomfortable, walk away. If you are invited somewhere and you don’t want to go have the courage to say no! Going does not honour you or them. Doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later on.

If someone thinks less of you because of that then they are not your friend. We would much rather be on our own than be someone we are not just to have people around us. How people see you is none of your business and most of the time you will never really know unless they tell you and then it truly is their problem or not unless you have hurt them in some way and then it is a positive learning for you and an opportunity to change. If what they tell you is positive then say thank you from your heart. Watch your emotional attachment to other people’s comments about you either positive or negative and learn to not take them on, only learn from them.

In conclusion the best thing to do is learn to be honest with yourself and to know that walking with integrity is the best path to be on. If you need to learn what being honest is about go and sit with some pre-schoolers and watch how they play and speak. They have not yet learnt to hide who they are or to filter their responses. Of course we are not suggesting that you don’t filter your words or responses but say them in a way that speaks your truth. We have a little exercise where you imagine that your mouth is over your heart and you ask yourself about who you are. When you speak from your heart you will never lie and you will speak from a place of love and compassion. Try this on yourself. If you have fibbed then you will have noticed that your answer came from your head and not your heart. A simple but very powerful little process.

Remember to follow your heart and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk Ancient Wisdom Mentors



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