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How to Let Go of Negative Work Energy.

SOUL TV Episode 273 How to Let Go of Negative Work Energy. If you work in a highly charged and sometimes negative environment, how do you let that go when you leave so it doesn't affect other areas of your life? Watch 8pm Mon 9 Nov www.soultv.com.au

We all have or will experience negative energy in the workplace at one time or another in our working lives no matter how wonderful a job or situation we may be in. It just is. It is the yin/yang balance of all there is. Negative energy can come from anywhere, including the building/workspace and the land it is situated on. It does not only come from the people who are in the space. So how do you tell the difference? How do you sort out which is which and where it is coming from? In reality the only person you can sort out of the negative mix, is you. As far as the building and land goes, to change the whole situation would entail bringing in someone who knows what they are doing to find out where it is coming from and clear the energy. This would mean the co-operation of all concerned and in many cases not a viable option. So you would have to work on just the space you are in and that which is around you all the time. Just remember please the Earth is a living, breathing entity in its own right and will re-act to being dug into and disturbed, especially in sacred areas.

If it is a negative energy that is coming from a person or people it will be fairly obvious as it will be directed at you from them in particular. Whenever you are near them you will feel like the air has become heavy and oppressive. Everything that they ask you to do, directly or indirectly may feel unnecessary or as if you are being picked. You will also feel as if you have lost power when they are around or you are in certain situations as they drain your energy from you. Are they always aware that they are doing this to you…heck no! As a matter of fact their energy may be being drained as well and they are just re-acting and fighting to get back control. This is what we would call a toxic environment and could be coming from the building as well. Modern buildings are incredibly toxic environments spiritually as well as other levels for many reasons. From lighting, rows of computers, toxic building materials, high pressure deadlines, chain of command to people who just don’t want to be there, hate their jobs and all they work with because of that (toxic attitudes).

If you step into a building and it feels like the walls have just caved in on you then you have just stepped into a negative environment. The Q’ero of South America refer to negative energy as a “heavy energy” they call hucha and it will feel heavy on your body and in it. It will actually make you feel uncomfortable, depressed, possibly nauseous and sometimes cold as very dark heavy energy does. People who are very open can be more susceptible to the energy as can people who are very controlling. The first because they don’t realise that they are not protected against it and the other because they can use the energy to manipulate and control situations. The latter is a person who is very aware of the energy and what they are doing. Please understand that this is not an extreme or isolated situation it happens in many and all sorts of different work places.

Firstly you need to sort out if any of this energy is coming from you as well as once in a heavy energy environment we will all contribute to it unless we can separate ourselves out of the mix. You do this by asking yourself did you feel down this morning before coming to work. Did you bring a negative situation from home or family with you to work? It does not mean that you are negative all the time it just means the situation makes you negative and then it all spirals round and round…..like attracts like. Once you have given yourself the all clear then you use a technique to keep yourself that way and all negativity will just bounce off you. Mud does not stick to sunlight…ponder on that for a moment. We work with clearing negative energies all the time and especially from buildings and people. So we can feel them even from a distance. We have protection around us all the time so know instantly whether any of it is a projection of our own situation in that moment.

We live next door to a house that not only is the building negative but so it the land it is built on. It looks like a nice normal family home but within weeks of people moving in (it is a rental) the nice people would all be yelling at each other constantly, doing strange things like chopping the middle out of trees and threatening the neighbours with pieces of nailed spiked wood. Over the years the heavy energy built to a point where we not only we could feel it but anyone coming into our home would feel this energy trying to push against them from next door. There was a constant psychic battle going on in that house for many years until the opportunity for us to go in and clear it came up. How we did this is too long to go into but we used cedar smoking, our form of holy water, bells and hours of clearing on an energetic level. The next lot of people who rented the house thought it had a lovely homey feel to it and it has remained quiet to this day. Mind you we are on alert for any changes…lol!

Sometimes the negativity can go away with a change in mind set from ourselves! As Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.” So something needs to change. Ask yourself “How long do you want to work in a toxic environment?” Even if you do like the work

You may not be able to leave straight away but you can make plans. If you want to stay then look at how you can change how you see your work environment. If you are in the work to help change the mindset or to help the people you may deal with, then you had better learn how to protect yourself so you can protect those you are looking after. We will write about the how later.

What we would suggest people do is look for 10 positive things about where you work and the people you work with. Believe us you will find them if you look hard enough. Write them down, take the list with you and focus on those things whilst on the way to work and at work. Stay out of gossip. Do not participate in any way. If someone comes to you for advice about someone else suggest they approach the person involved personally because that is how you would do it. Do not buy into direct negative attack. Place imaginary mirrors around yourself that reflects what is coming towards you back out. Above all be positive as much as you can and if you feel yourself going south….step away, shake it off, re-focus and put your protection up.

I (Phoebe) give people who come to me for clearings, their soul colour. It is your highest protection against negative attack. I teach them how to surround themselves with it and to keep it in place. When you are in your soul colour you will vibrate as who you truly are, from your heart and intuitive, knowing place…you just about see what is coming before it arrives, on an energetic level and can take evasive action. When you are truly protected people will soon give up attacking you as it just bounces back at them and they will see you are not responding. It also protects you from land and building heavy energy as well.

Most importantly when you leave the office…literally see yourself shaking all that has gone on that day…off, See it going into the Earth and dissipating, coming back to you as nice clean energy. You can also bring a clear pillar of light into you from the Universe through your crown chakra. See it moving through every corner of your body taking all the negativity out. Take that pillar and see it going into the earth and again cycling back into you clear, clean and energising. We use clear light so that you can be in that balanced space between the light and the dark and not get thrown from one to the other. You can also imagine that all that has gone on in that day is threats that have tied themselves around and to you. As you leave any situation you no longer want to be attached to imagine them all being cut away and disappearing into sparkle of light and clear, clean energy. Smile through the whole process, even if you are crying and be grateful for all you have right now.

Remember to always follow your heart and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk



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