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Treating Phobias with Support from Spirit.

SOUL TV Episode 260 Treating Phobias with Support from Spirit. Is it possible to get help from spirit to treat your phobias in addition to other treatments? Our health and healing experts share. Watch 8pm Tues 27 Oct 260

Just about all of us have had a phobia of sorts at one time or other in our lives. They can range from minor ones that fade over time with experience or ones that literally rule you to the point where living is a painful daily challenge. All phobias are learnt! Either from someone else’s experience that was witnessed or a personal one. Most of the time we don’t even remember when the phobia began or how, let alone why it has taken over our whole life. Be assured they can all be wiped away and your life given back to you.

What are phobias specific or other-wise? Phobias are fears and as we said they are learnt behavioural responses to certain circumstances and stimuli. For the most part phobias can be tracked back to a specific event. Our response to this event becomes a loop that is constantly played whenever the person is confronted with a similar experience either real or imagined. It is like playing the same record over and over again internally with the same external emotional, physical and mental response. It can get stronger with each episode much the same as an allergy. Which believe it or not is also the bodies learnt response to a certain something. Understand that phobias cannot be reasoned with through the conscious mind as they are an unconscious response to an outside event that was seen as a threat. It is in other words our bodies unconscious defence mechanism kicking in so it needs to be dealt with in the realm of the unconscious or spirit to sort it out once and for all.

Do they all arise from anxiety? Well to a point! In actual fact anxiety is a symptom of a phobia. It could have come from another person’s anxiety and you took it on as your own. Or it can come from your own learnt anxiety about the future. We must stress again here that not only are phobias learnt but anxiety is a learnt behaviour as well. A double whammy! Anxiety + Phobia. The symptoms can range from a mild anxiety attack to intense paralysing fear so strong it could trigger a fatal reaction.

I Phoebe used to be afraid of heights after a fall from a cliff face at the age of 12. The cliff was 300ft high and I was lucky to only be scratched. My friend I fell against ended up with a broken arm but other than that my guides were with me that day and I felt like I had floated down rather than fallen. Nevertheless I could not climb up to any significant heights from then until many years later. One time my friends and I (we were 13 or 14) were going to view some fireworks that were on in the harbour below where we lived. To view them we decided to climb the local water tower. I went first and froze about half way up. It took them an hour or so to prise my fingers free of the ladder railing. We all missed the show and my friends were really pissed. Travelling through France with Paul and my daughter we went to the top of the tallest building in Paris. Coming out of the lift at the top and feeling the building sway I fell to my knees and had to crawl back into the lift. I could not go anywhere near the edge. My daughter was not scared of heights then but became so later. Maybe she took that on from me.

About 15 years ago my eldest son and daughter in-law bought me a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Being clipped on between climbers and the only one able to unclip was the guide, I had no choice but to go forward. I told the person behind me that I might freeze on the ladder up to the span. I did! They were great and spoke softly to me and I called on my guides to help me face this fear. I visualised myself stepping out onto the span and took many deep breaths. Slowly taking one rung at a time I finally found myself on the span. I was now so full of adrenalin that I could not feel a thing except joy. I had done it and the view was amazing. I have never had a fear of heights again that stopped me from doing something I wanted or needed to do. Wariness yes! And a moment of fear will pass over me as I weight up the risks and then the adrenalin will kick in and I am off and running, so to speak. Please understand that fear is there for a reason. To stop us from hurting ourselves and or others. Fear at least gives us a moment where we can stop and assess the situation.

How would phobias be treated? In Western medicine the sufferer would probably be given medication designed to dull the person’s senses so that their reactions are lessened or not felt as much i.e. such as someone with a fear of flying who needs to fly. It does not stop the anxiety only dulls it. So the body internally will still be going through the same reaction/response. They may get sent to a psychologist or psychiatrist for counselling but in our experience the sufferer may come away after many sessions with an understanding of why it is happening but not how to prevent it. This is because it may not have been address on an unconscious level. In other words the problem is still there.

In our clinic we treat people with phobias all the time from very young children through to Adults. Some phobias can be really quickly dealt with by what we call “a phobia scramble.” It is generally a 15 to 20 minute technique that takes the record your body and mind keeps playing over and over and scratches it until it cannot be played ever again. The technique is a little too involved to explain here in this blog but we like to make it fun as well and then when the patient finds themselves in a situation that would normally have triggered off a negative response, they can find themselves laughing at the situation instead because the technique replaces the previous serious visuals, feelings etc with funny ones that usually make no sense in reality so the body can no longer respond as it once did.

We once had a little boy come in because he had a paralysing fear of dogs. Yes that is a phobia! He was at the point where he would not go outside unless he was on his dad’s shoulders. Even then he was constantly looking around for dogs. When he was very small he got knocked over and vigorously licked by a large puppy. To the little boy it was a very scary event and so a fear of dogs was locked into his little body. One session with Paul using hypnotherapy which directly accesses the unconscious min, spirit and your higher guidance and he no longer had a fear of dogs. How do we know this? After his session our two very large dogs suddenly burst through the door into the clinic raced past him and out another door and the little boy didn’t bat an eyelid. He actually reached out to pat them. It all happened so fast that the little boy didn’t have time to think about his reaction so we know he reacted from his unconscious mind.

All hypnosis is about working with the spirit/higher-self of the client. The reason people come to us is because they are out of rapport/connection with the higher guidance. So all the processes we use are about guiding the person back to themselves on a conscious and unconscious level. Most people only work with their 5% conscious self. To solve phobias and so many other issues we need to go to that vast untapped resource of the unconscious mind which is spirit.

As you can now see there is hope for all phobias and fears.

Step out into the world and be all you came here to be.

Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk




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