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Can spirit help to diagnose a health issue when medicine can't?

SOUL TV Episode 246

Can spirit help to diagnose a health issue when medicine can't?

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Please be aware that as practicing health care professionals there are restrictions placed on us by our industries governing bodies that mean there are some things we cannot say in the public arena that we can say in private consultation. With that in mind the advice that we give that may be of a medical nature will be within these guidelines and will be general for the most part. If you wish to know more specifics than we can offer in this blog or during the episode then it must be done through private consultation.

One of the advantages that Oriental Medicine and many other Natural Medicines have is that they can see things happening in the body that other medicines may only pick up once it has changed and or become established and at a deep level in the body. This is because natural medicine comes from the perspective of prevention first. “Cure the disease before it arises.” Then seeking the issue at its core and bringing the body back into balance rather than trying to fix the symptoms. If you treat a problem at the root cause you will alleviate and even dispose of the symptoms, not just cover them up or mask them. Why Western medicine may not find something is because it has to be able to be seen in the blood, there is a chemical change in the body, as scar tissue or a growth that shows in an X-ray or scan or it has very obvious consistent symptoms that can be attributed to a specific disease.

In our medicine there are three different types of patterns that create seizures. Basically it is an excess of heat in the body rising to the head causing interference with the neurological functions of the body. In many cases it is quite treatable with Oriental medicine although it may take some time but a full cure is possible. Heat in the body that causes these seizures is very hard for Western Medicine to diagnose or find. They also come through in cycles. Depending on what is found in the pulse diagnosis of the patient as to where the heat is coming from: what is creating it in the first place? And why the body is not dealing with it naturally, will dictate the treatment required and time it will take to turn the imbalance around. Whether it be acupuncture, herbs or a combination of both, used. Heat rises naturally in the body as it does in your house and when it is in your body and it lodges or accumulates in the upper part of the body it can lead to all sorts of problems such as heart disease, lung disease such as asthma, migraines and as it goes higher and remains longer, strokes and seizures. Regulating the heat is the key to balancing all these problems out.

During the period of treatment focus will also be on teaching the person which foods to eat to prevent the heat from occurring. What activities may also increase the heat production, so how to avoid these activities as well.

For those who are assisting the patient it is also advisable to get some treatments too to help calm and keep your body in balance as well so as not to pass your worry onto the patient. Worry and stress creates its own health challenges and can be just a dangerous as any health problem. Children are all too good at sensing how a parent is reacting to their distress and health challenges and it can also trigger another episode with them.

Like anything the more you focus on the problem the bigger it will become. In other words change your focus from the problem to the solution. Take time out to not even think about it in a day and trust that all will be well. Actually change that to “know” that all will be well. Treat the patient as a healthy person not as a sick person.

Seizures can also be a combination of heat and phlegm. Reducing mucus producing foods such as excess fruit, fruit juices and diary, particularly anything made from milk, will reduce the phlegm which when combined with heat can create the seizures. This condition can also create manic highs and introverted lows of emotions and being. Sugar in particular causes inflammation and that is heat. Eating properly for the constitution of the client is paramount to keeping their body in balance and allowing the body to heal and stay healthy.

Oriental medicine does not discount the idea of energy or entities that may be exacerbating the problem either and these can be addressed also by clearing the house and the person with smudging and mirror imaging to keep the unwanted at bay and send them back. We have spoken about this before and it is done by imagining the person/house covered in mirrors that face outwards and seeing them spinning clockwise: The person not the individual mirrors. If in your mind the person is spinning anti-clockwise then they may have an attachment and you keep spinning them in your mind clockwise until they do spin that way when you imagine them spinning.

Above all else never give up. The people we have found that get better during our 30 years or more of practise are the ones that don’t give up. We have had people come to us after 10 years of searching and we have been fortunate enough to be able to help them where no-one else has.

“Never give up, never surrender”

Ancient Wisdom Mentors Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk



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