• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Why we need specifics to get the best from spirit workers.

SOUL TV Episode 232 Why we need specifics to get the best from spirit workers. Many people wait to be given information from spirit instead of being specific about what they need help with. We share why and how you can get specific. Watch 8pm Tues 29 Sept www.soultv.com.au

Whenever anyone asks us for “any guidance” we will always counter with, “Can you be more specific about the area of your life we can help you with?” Depending on what comes back is where we will lead the questioning.

When people say to us “any guidance for me please” it not only disempowers the asker but it puts the practitioner in a difficult place. One of having to guess what it is the questioner is really after. An analogy we would use would be: if you are looking for somewhere to go or for a specific direction and all you did was walk up to someone in the street who looked knowledgeable and you said, “Can you point me in the right direction,” without stating where you wanted to go and where you were headed, what do you think the person would say and where do you think you would end up? Pointless…pardon the pun. It is also not honouring the expertise of the person you have asked the question of. Yes you may have stumbled on the one person who knows exactly where you are to go but are you willing to take that gamble with your life?

From our perspective it is really important that the question be specific because that allows us to be specific with answers as well. To truly hone in on where you need guidance. Clarity is power so why are many so ready to give their power over to others, especially if they come with a perceived title?

We have been taught from a very early age that the “expert” or authority figure, has the last word or knows more about us than we do. It is still encouraged in many institutions and unfortunately the “new age area” also, so that you remain powerless and constantly seeking guidance from others rather than knowing yourself. Money, power and control. We have been so conditioned to believe that we are not clever enough to think for ourselves and that, thank goodness is changing as people move from their heads into their hearts. From a knowledge based system to a heart and intuitive based system. The combination of head and heart = wisdom.

We don’t know more about you but we do possibly know more about our area of skill and we can share our life experiences and learnings with you based on our specific expertise and knowledge.

We understand this, but do you understand that our answers are still coming through our filters and belief systems also? In actuality our work is to lead you to your own answers and conclusions, therefore putting the power back into your hands. It is the difference between giving you a fish and teaching you to fish.

Always remember that you know more than you know you know and more than you think you know. Don’t be afraid to question the answers you get also. Don’t be afraid to question, question, question. There are no silly questions, ineffectual ones maybe, so asking a specific one will get you to your answer quicker and with more accuracy. It doesn’t matter if it is hard to articulate what it is you want to ask. Not all of us are able to articulate perfectly all the time, we trip over our own minds and tongues as well. We are human after all. Ask anyway! We will also know where you are at, where you are coming from and where you want to get to, by the questions you ask. Seeking guidance is a two way street. The clearer you are with the question you ask the clearer we can be with assisting you on your path and we will both know if the answer is for you or not.

We can only speak for ourselves but we honour you for your questions and really love to be of assistance to you. So with that in mind no question per se is wrong we would just prefer them to be specific to you and a situation you need assistance with based on our expertise. Remember that you really do want to be in charge of your reality, in your power because if you aren’t someone else will be and then you only have yourself to blame when things look as if they have gone awry. If someone gives you advice and it doesn’t sit well with you then don’t follow. The answers you are getting to your questions are on the whole, tools only to assist you to assist yourself and in that sense are not set in stone.

To remove the fear of asking the wrong question remember we have said there is no wrong question just more or less appropriate ones depending on where you want to get to. You are the one who is seeking guidance, we, or whoever you are seeking help from, is here to assist and therefore you are in charge of the question. You know you and where you want to go so step out of fear and make the most of your opportunity to move forward.

Most of the time when we choose not to ask a specific question it is because we don’t really want to know the answer as it may involve change or the taking of responsibility of your own life. Why is it so hard to be in charge of your own life? The only answer we can think of is that it is easier for someone else to tell us what to do and how to think! We can think of nothing more disempowering than that.

The difference in a question could be, “Why can’t I have a good relationship?” as opposed to, “How can I have a good relationship?” “Why am I always sick?” as opposed to “How can I be healthy?” “Why isn’t spirit listening to me?” as opposed to, “How can I be more receptive to spirit?”

Very similar questions. Totally different answers and outcomes. The questions you ask will always dictate the outcome. They don’t have to be brilliant and intellectual, just true. The more you participate in the process the more likely you are to get the outcome you seek. Very simply put to get the most out of spirit in your everyday life just change your question from “Why can’t I?” to “How can I?” It really is that simple.

We are rapidly evolving as a species and it is time to step into our own knowing and trust who we are and what we are capable of. Of course we will still seek guidance and that is good also. Remember that it is you who ultimately makes the choices of how you will live and therefore the outcomes.

Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk



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