• Paul Hoogendyk

Can you manifest a pay rise or better paying job?


Can you manifest a pay rise or better paying job? How much can spirit help you with ways to do this? What are the best practical steps you can take? Watch 8pm Tues 1 Sept www.soultv.com.au

Gosh when I read this question my mind went off on a whole lot of different directions, so I will cover as many of them as I can with in this blog.

Manifesting a pay rise or a better paying job is absolutely possible but is it what you truly want or are you seeking something much deeper? i.e Are you really seeking to change your whole life or just a part of it?

This is something even the most enlightened of us can wrestle with from time to time and it all boils down to being very clear about what it is you want in all areas of your life and them being in sync. If what you want in your life is at odds with what you want in your job then there are going to be clashes of will with in you to see which part of you is going to win. 99% of the time no side wins and we end up with something worse or nothing.

What is it you are after? Is it just the money, the prestige, the things you thing you want that money can give you or you think it can give you. You can manifest anything you can think of but is it congruent with who you are, where you are heading or are you selling your soul to the highest bidder so you can provide what you think you need and want in life.

Simply wanting is not enough. There has to be some sort of strategy applied. We all have strategies for everything we do. We have work strategies just as we have love strategies and based on our hierarchy of values, the value that you place the highest on each area of your life will overrule and or rule all the others no matter how much wishful thinking and manifesting strategies you try to apply.

Spirit will always step in and try to steer you in the direction that will serve you best whether you like it or not. So if all aspects of your life are in step with who you are and would like to be, then spirit will guide you with ease. If you are throwing all sorts of wants and needs at the Universe then like us, all it will create is confusion. I have this funny mental image of our guides all throwing up their hands to the Universe and saying in unison…”they don’t know what they want so how the heck can we know and how can we help!”

So if you truly just want to manifest a pay rise or a better paying job then money needs to be at the top of your values list or at the very least amongst your top 3. If it is lower down you will always have trouble manifesting more money as it is not one of your top priorities.

Will paint a picture for you. We ran sweat lodges for many years from our property in South Australia and every month a young very goal orientated woman would attend to manifest her next million dollars. All her energies were so focussed on just that to the exclusion of all else, that within a few days her next million dollar contract would come in. So you can strong arm spirit into giving you what you want and we issue a word of caution here because you may just get what you want only to find out it really wasn’t what you wanted at all. This young woman had nothing else in her life except work. No relationships, no family and very few friends who understood her.

All I am saying is that if you want to manifest something look at all aspects of it first and the possible outcome. Put yourself in the future and see where the manifestation has taken you. If it is where you want to go and who you want to be, then go for it. Call in your guides and spirit to assist you in the process. Picture it in every which way you can as clearly and specifically as possible with all the emotions attached. Celebrate having achieved the outcome as only you can and do not sweat the HOW. We all tend to get caught up in HOW it is all going to happen. Just know that when you have put it out there as clearly as you can, it will happen. The how is where spirit and your guides come in. Once you have set your manifesto in place they will come up with the how and drop clues into your lap along the way. The trick is reading the clues and remember to take joy with you.

We have spent time with multi-millionaires and in actual fact we were once and now choose not to be. We found many of them to still be very insecure and unhappy in their lives. So don’t expect that money will bring you happiness. If you aren’t happy now money won’t make you happier. Yes it will give you more choices AND it will make you more of who you are already…is that what you want?

If you want a pay rise look at how you can bring something of better value to the company you work with rather than just expecting more pay for the same work. I was once given a pay rise that I had asked for based on my assessment of my work and the next week I was replaced by someone who would do the same job for less. This unfortunately is happening more and more in our society. Look for a job where they value what you do for them and vice versa. There is no point to looking for a pay rise in a job you hate doing. All you will be doing is giving the company a whole lot more of your life.

Maybe you can look at what you have already and be in gratitude for that and anything else it may bring in. If you have food on the table, a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in at night, then you are doing better than two thirds of the world’s population. Bring yourself back to what you have and then look at what you really do need in your life. It is much easier to manifest smaller steps than the whole bigger picture in one go and seek someone out who is trained to lead you to clarity if you need it.

Now go and manifest what you TRULY want.

Paul Hoogendyk