• Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk

Can Your Frequency Change the Composition of Crystals?


Can Your Frequency Change the Composition of Crystals?

On the surface it would appear that they can.

More often than not what has happened is that the energy of the crystal changes which in turn changes the composition rather than the composition directly being changed by your thoughts, feelings and intentions. People can drain crystals of their intrinsic energy when they do not give back to the crystal or recharge it. And yes the colour will be drained from them as well and they can change to a completely different colour. They can be drained of all colour. We have seen this many times with people who are and are not aware of using up all the stored energy of the crystal. Everything has life-force and when we do not understand that is the case also with crystals and stones then we can drain the life force out of them. Can we get the energy back into crystals? Yes you can. They may never look the same again and in many cases will never regain their full vibration, purpose or character.

It is important when working with stones and crystals to respect that they are living things and the more you can connect with them on that level the more you will gain from them in reciprocity or ayni which is a Q’ero word for sacred reciprocity. In Peru there are the Khuya, a Quechua word, meaning “to love”, the special high energy stones that are for healing and/or for teaching. It is a stone that has been transformed into a container of affection through consecration. They are also used for divination, for clearing negative energy or heavy energy. They are carried with coca leaves and specific seeds to keep the energy of the stones high. In other words they are feeding the stones. They would also feed them with Llama fat. They are respected and cared for just as a much loved family member would be.

How can we attempt to restore a depleted crystal? Just remember that it may not come back fully and you may have to be content with it doing a different job. If it has been completely drained then the best thing to do would be to gift it back to the Earth, and take care of the next one you get.

Put them out in the sun, the moon, under lightning storms to charge them up and clear them because they take on your negativity and need it to be cleansed so they can do the job you have assigned them to do. Wash them, feed them and if you use them to work with other people they will need special feeding and attention. We feed all our rocks with oils, either our own body oil or different essential oils. Never put them in soapy water but the ocean and rain water they love. It will cleanse them, recharge them and take negativity away.

What other materials do we change with our frequency? Any living material can be changed by our frequency, thoughts, feelings and actions. Look at water which is in essence liquid crystal. Your thoughts can dramatically change the composition and frequency of water in seconds from pure and healing to dense and lacking in life force. You can look at the work of Dr Masaru Emoto who studied the changes that took place in water crystals when infused with human emotions and prayers. He froze the crystals and photographed them and the changes are amazing. Your thoughts can literally kill or heal you and other things as well.

Crystals can be really good at protecting us from electronics and radiation if programmed to do so. Most electronics are power by crystal energy. In essence they were born of these things and can magnify and enhance the power of the electrical energy. Rocks absorb and hold radiation but it is not good to surround yourself with huge rocks as they are constantly leaking this radiation out in the form of radon.

At one time we bought two beautiful celestite wands with very strong amazing energy. Many people could feel it. We left them overnight with someone and when we collected them in the morning the colour had gone and there was little to no energy left in the stone and they have never recovered despite our best efforts. The person we left them with knew about stone and the energy in these particular ones.

If you wish to use the power of stones, water, crystals and all living materials, do so with respect and they will respect you back.

They have much to share with us as all of creation is tired within them. They are the record keepers, the ancestors of all. They need our care and respect. Speak to them from your heart and listen as they will speak back to you.

Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk