• Paul Hoogendyk

What is the game Changer for our Business?

Soul TV Episode 168

What is the Game changer for our Business?

If you have been doing the same thing for 10 years and nothing is changing or working for you then you need to bring something new into the business or re-invent yourself in some way. In business it is always imperative that we adapt to changes and the changing environment around us if we want to get anywhere. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change really is madness. If you have created something new and feel that there is a strong need for it in the market then there is every reason to go for it. You will never know until you give it a shot and if you don’t someone else will. My step son came up with the pop up shade and tents and he was young and inexperienced and did not take it any further. The next year someone who had seen what he had done took it and made a fortune out of it. I would look at if your passion is still in the business and if it is then it is a good sign. If not then I would suggest looking at other options. I always tell people to look at what they are passionate about and seeing how they can re-work their business to bring in more joy and finances. My wife and I re-invent ourselves every 8 years on average to keep up with what people want and how we can deliver the best services and products within our expertise, industry and skill base. That way your business becomes and stays an exciting adventure.

As far as knowing whether you have created something that will take you to the next level and it becomes a game changer, if you don’t do anything with it you will never know. Psychics can give you direction but only you can have the courage or intuitive knowing to take the next step. Good business is learning to use your intuition and knowing. It is about learning to back yourself and your knowledge and skills. The one thing that is clear that if things have slowed down to where you cannot even pay employees then something needs to change and shift direction. Due diligence and research is always imperative in business so that you can keep on top of the changing trends. Keep what works and ditch what obviously doesn’t. Learning to adapt is imperative. It takes courage to step out in any business and if you look at the top business people in the world they have failed so many times that it is not funny. The one thing that they do is back themselves, look at what they do right and learn from what doesn’t work. Can we tell you what direction to go in? In a word..no..all we can say is have courage, believe in yourself, your skills, your ability to learn new things, your ability to be creative and if your passion is there you WILL always find a way. Be open to doing things differently with the same commitment to quality. Do your research on what you have created and look for someone who knows the market and if and where your invention will fit in. Find your team of marketers and armed with all the information you can put together around your product, seek out a financial backer. A lot of people with small businesses try to do it all themselves and or believe that no-one can do it better than they can…wrong! There is always someone who can do it better and if you need their help, go find them and bring them in in your team.

Take baby steps, have courage and keep moving forward. Remember to focus on what works and change what doesn’t. Remember why you got into your business in the first place and then go follow your heart and live your dream….everything takes time and timing.

Paul Hoogendyk