• Paul Hoogendyk

Can You Unblock Your Spiritual Flow?


How can you unblock your spiritual flow?

How can you unblock your spiritual flow? Tami has lost her faith in her ability to heal and in spirit's abundance. Our experts help her with steps to reclaim her flow. Watch 8pm Wed 10 June www.soultv.com.au

How do we get to a point where we stop our spiritual flow? When our expectations and belief systems are challenged to a point where we have no way of responding with absolute certainty then we will block our spiritual flow because we cannot see how we are being supported or guided. As we hang onto our beliefs and expectations and do not seek another way to see the situation the block just deepens to the point where it has now supplanted the original systems that were in place.

Understand that at this point you have actually chosen to stop the flow unconsciously or quite deliberately. You alone are the only one that can bring it back. You do not have to believe in anyone else other than yourself. If you have used your spiritual talents and abilities before, it is not that you don’t have them anymore or that they have been taken away from you, so you can choose to turn them back on. Are you using this blockage or what has happened previously as an excuse to not move forward? And if so why? These are important questions to ask yourself and to look at deeply. Be honest! Look at your framework of how you think spirit should work. Does it limit your perception of how it really does work? Remember that spirit works on all dimensional levels not just on our 3D limited perspective. Open your mind and heart. Allow room for massive expansion and then let go of all expectation and outcomes. Sometimes when we seek help from someone else the answer we get is one that we have actually “expected” because of the negative space and thoughts we are in and the Universe will deliver. We are constantly creating our world with our thoughts whether they be positive or negative so if you want to move into spiritual flow make it your positive focus and intent.

Remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and as such can never be separated from spirit. You can however CHOOSE to restrict the flow by going into an illusion of separation. You have actually chosen to separate yourself because of what has happened and your expectations of what you thought would and should happen. The Universe and spirit has much bigger plans for us than we can ever imagine. So have the courage to step out of limitation and embrace trust with an open heart and take the positive learnings from all experiences with you as you step back into your spiritual flow. Let go of the past, for it had gone, do not dwell on the future for it has not arrived and stay firmly and courageously in the NOW. Move into service. Ask what is it you would like me to do now? Listen to the positive response only as it is the true one. True spiritual flow never speaks negatively to you. Be warned! Spirit does have a sense of humour. Learn to laugh again and remind yourself of what you loved doing, are naturally good at and begin to do that again.

Paul Hoogendyk