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SOUL TV Episode 106

How do we stop negative mind chatter?

How do we stop negative mind chatter? It's become a buzz phrase but so many people are held up from it. So what is it, how does it start and what steps to stop it? Our experts share. 8pm Mon 25 May

What is negative mind chatter?

For us negative mind chatter is static, or interference, coming from within the self or outside. Think of your mind as a radio station that works clearly when you are aligned with the station properly i.e. your true nature and self, (also referred to as your higher self) in your heart and head together. When you go off the station for whatever reason e.g. dwelling in the past, worrying about the future, comparing yourself to others, listening and watching negative “programs” and people, that is when static comes in.

Remember you are being programmed when you are watching and listening to them, that is why they are called programmes. These static or white noise thoughts are not your true self. How long would you sit and listen to a radio station or TV channel that was off the channel/station. It is annoying, frustrating and is not in alignment with what it supposed to come through. So it stops you from moving forward, stops you from seeing a positive future and holds you in the negativity of the past.

Your true guidance would never speak to you in negative terms. So when you hear negative thoughts coming in, stop and realise it is not your true self and doesn’t deserve your attention or your energy. Remember energy flows where attention goes. One of the most common things we hear in clinic is “I am not good enough.” Question is, good enough compared to whom and to what? When asked, most people don’t even know what they are measuring themselves up against. Coming from that perspective, how can anybody be good enough…it doesn’t even make sense to go there. When we ask clients, “Would you talk to anyone else the way you talk to yourself?” the answer is “no”! So why would you allow it to take you over? It is a form of self- abuse. Remember every cell of your body is listening and responding to every thought and word you think or say to yourself.

Ancient wisdom speaks of “stalking your thoughts.” That is you listen to your thoughts, catch them, stop them and then be responsible for what you think and say. Is it easy for some? Yes but for most of us it takes practise, practise, practise. Meditation is one of your greatest tools here. Learn to empty the mind.

The Hindus call the mind the chattering monkey. The majority of people have about 50,000 thoughts a day. That is the speed of a good auctioneer going flat out. We are aware of about 5% of that on a conscious level. So we need to teach our unconscious mind what we want to concentrate on. This is called by the Q’ero of Peru “cleaning up your river.” It is imperative that we all work on cleaning up our rivers, as at this point in time on our planet, according to a standard psychological test, most people are running at a level of post- traumatic stress. i.e a ratio of 4 negative thoughts to 1 positive. In the U.S. 1 in 5 are on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication now. From that perspective, it is more a part of our “civilised advancement” than it was in ancient times. We are all responsible for cleaning up the stuff from the past, our negative projections into the future based on the past and holding our thoughts in present time. And for waking up and not taking for granted everything that is dished up to us from outside sources. Remember you do have the power to change, it is NOT beyond your control. They just forgot to teach you that in school. However that would have been a good class to attend, yes?

Can these negative thoughts create real physical problems? For the ancient people, constant negative chatter opened doorways into the negative realms where negative energies or spirits lie. As an extreme example, think of someone on “Ice” or binge drinkers and other drugs. When you are in these states your spirit leaves your body leaving it wide open to possession. When you are out something else will always come in. We have said it before, many of these people do not remember the events and will swear it was not them. So yes these negative thoughts can snowball and manifest in a physical form e.g. Self-harm which is becoming more and more prevalent.

How do we stop these thoughts? Your pure essence and natural state is one of love and balance. Imagine if you drew a line across the middle of a blank page, all thoughts and actions above the line are your positive thoughts and actions that will lead you to balance, harmony and happiness. All thoughts and actions below the line will take you into negative self- talk, depression and anxiety. Ask yourself do I want to live above the line or below the line? It is your choice and as we said before it will take practise to catch your negative thoughts before they become fully formed and translated into actions. Nothing can come into the physical realm without it going through the mind first, positive as well as negative. To build a chair you have to think about it first!

We know where we would prefer to live, do you?

First step is to be good to yourself and stop being your own worst enemy by trying to compare yourself to whatever. Remember you are unique, there is only one you. The world needs you and your soul will guide you (your true inner knowing that comes from the heart) to who you truly are when you take control of the negative chatter, put it in the bin and allow the positive messages to be heard and acted on. Think of your mind as a little puppy that wants to run around all over the place. Keep it on a leash, tell it to sit and behave as the big mind is in control now and remember to reward it ever time it gets something right.

Follow your hearts and live your dreams.

Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk



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