• Phoebe Hoogendyk


SOUL TV Episode 107

Can you be threatened by a dark presence or entity? From curses to poltergeists, our experts explain what they are and if they can cause you harm. Watch 8pm

The short answer to that is yes! You can be threatened by a dark presence or entity. What is a dark presence or entity? I prefer to refer to all presences and entities as energies. For me this stops them from becoming stronger and more present in my mind or vice versa and gives me greater control over them and myself. The first thing to remember is that you are in control of your space and your vibration and the higher level, for want of a better way to describe it, that your cells vibrate at, the less the energies can affect you. Does it stop them from coming to you and trying? No but they quickly learn that you are in charge. Similar to when your immune system is down and you are more susceptible to colds and viruses, then when your energy is down you are more open to negative energies.

High level positive energies can effect and harm you also if you are not ready for them and cannot house the energy they bring. It can be quite frightening to an observer who doesn’t know what is going on when they witness someone bringing in a powerful energy that they are not experienced enough to deal with. Not only can it affect the vessel (the person bringing them in) but anyone around them that is open, vulnerable and unaware of how to protect or ground themselves. Consciously and unconsciously we allow the energies to come to us. We invite them in whether they be ones that are sent to us as a curse, come as a poltergeist, come from the land or a dwelling that we are on/in, and the list goes on. Mostly unconsciously.

How do we do that? By not understanding the need to protect our own energy and physical body in some way. By being ignorant, unaware and unconscious of spirit. By being disrespectful of places and people. By being unprotected at a spirit level. By being unmindful of our actions. Energies can also be created by ourselves. Most poltergeists are a projection of our own minds manifesting something we desperately need to say or get out but cannot. From deep seated anger to high resentment and great fear. There are those amongst us on this planet who have learnt to utilise this manifestation and use it for negative and/or positive, e.g. curses, spontaneous healing. If you are open and unprotected, yes they can harm you. Tribal deaths from bone pointing etc come from an unshakable belief in the power of the act and we have seen it happen to someone who wasn’t of that belief. Never underestimate the power of the spirit world and those who walk in it.

A story for you before I proceed. An aunty in our family is a great photographer. She went to a place where she was shown a cave that she took photographs of. Never entering the cave she took photos of the entrance annoyed at the buzzing flies all around. Six months later something woke her and as she opened her eyes she saw a Maori Warrior looking at her fiercely and shaking his fist at her. Each night he came until it got to the point where she woke to feel his hands around her throat. There were bruises left on her neck. Terrified she went to a friend who is also a Maori spiritual advisor who said she had taken something and needed to give it back. She had no idea what but was told that she needed to look behind her washing machine. When she did she found the photos she had taken of the cave. They had fallen down behind the machine and so had forgotten all about them. Taking them to her Maori friend he told her that in the cave were the remains of great warriors and she had disturbed their spirits by taking the photos. Many ancient tribes believe that you capture their spirit when you take a photo of them. Always ask permission, this goes for sacred sites as well.

The visits would stop if she gave them back and apologised in some way. He asked her if she had seen any signs of the cave being a sacred place. She told him about the flies that were only around the entrance. The flies were the guardians of the cave. She hadn’t known that. Taking the photo back she was frightened of going anywhere near the cave and so stood where she could throw the photos back in safely. A short ceremony was performed to appease the spirits as guided by her friend and the elders of the tribe the warriors belonged to. No more visits and now she asks permission on every occasion if she can take a photograph. Her friend said the energy would have killed her if she had not taken notice of the warnings. When he came to visit her before he told her about the photos, he said he knew her house because of the thick dark cobweb of clouds that surrounded and clung to it.

In ancient and tribal times there was a spirit keeper and still are, who took care of the spiritual energy of the village and its people. They often lived on the outskirts or the fringes of the village away from the others to keep their energy strong, intact and connected to all there is. They would teach the people where they could walk and how to behave. How to recognise the signs of negative or powerful energies in the area and beyond. Perform ceremonies to keep the village and its people safe and remove energies who had possessed any of the people in the village. They were very powerful people and they still exist in the remote and ancient tribes of today. In Australia it is the Kadaicha Man, which means the executioner. Also known as “feather foot” because they leave no tracks as they travel through the land and the world of spirit. In the past the Original people of Australia believed that all deaths came from an evil spirit or spell sent by someone else. It was the Kadaicha man’s job to read the signs and follow where the spirit came from and then meter out the punishment agreed on by the tribe/tribes, especially if it had come from another tribe.

We have an Original friend who is a “clever man” who works closely with the spirits of the land, water and others. Highly initiated, it is his job to interact with spirit on behalf of his people.

We have sat in ceremony in some of the most powerful sacred places on the planet and if we had not known how to house the energy, it could have killed us or made us very sick. It is something we have learnt over a long time and the first thing we learnt to do was to ground it. As with electricity it needs to be earthed and flow through you rather than staying in your body.

I said in a previous blog that you must always check the ID of any energy that comes to you before you decide to interact with it or not. Who are you? Where have you come from? And what do you want?

Always remember to NEVER go into fear. Learn to control that emotion under all situations as best you can. Negative energies feed off fear. The more you practice the better you will get.

What do I do? I have the deepest respect for all energies negative and positive and yet I keep a sense of humour where they are concerned as well. Spirit has the most amazing sense of humour. I know it is and I keep my energy protected at all times and my lines of communication with spirit clear. Does the spirit world frighten me? No! Because we are all spirit, negative and positive energies included, looking for a way to exist, for a way to be. It just is!

For now enjoy your world of spirit and follow your heart and live your dreams.

Phoebe Hoogendyk