• Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk


Paul: Years ago when I was about 17 my mother took me to a 3rd generation Maori Spiritual Healer. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I was feeling out of sorts at the time. I lay on the table and after a period of time I felt my spirit leave my body and I could see myself lying on the table. The effect was so profound on all levels that I felt compelled a few days later to go back and ask him what had happened. He told me his family had always worked that way. They took people out of their bodies and healed their spirit before putting them back in. Before I left he looked at me and said you will be very good at this should you ever decide to do it. That moment changed my life. It lead me to a life time of working as a healer.

Spiritual healing can be quite intangible. It can happen spontaneously with or without a healer in attendance. From our experience it is an energy that comes through the healer not from them. We believe that we are conduits for the energy to move through to the person having the session or moment. Where does this energy come from? It is our understanding that for us it comes from the Universe itself, guided by the Ancient Ones, the unseen ones who are working with us. We step out of the way (our egos do) and we are not attached to what happens or the outcome. TRUE full healing comes from within each one of us and it happens on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels with or without a “conduit” (healer) assisting. Spiritual healing can come in many forms; as a dream, a vision or simply what we call, an AHA! moment, a moment of deep understanding and recognition in that moment that we are all one and very much a part of creation. You could say that any type of healing has a spiritual element simply because we are after all, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

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