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Spiritual Pre-Birth Plans

SOUL TV EPISODE 94: What are Spiritual Pre-birth Plans & Can We Change Them?

Kerrie is our newest expert and as an accomplished medium and author I thought it was a great way for her to do her first show by discussing something that is familiar yet often asked about by people seeking change in their lives. I would love to begin with getting a definition from each of you of your perspective of a pre-life plan. As this is a show where Anne will channel - Kerrie please feel free to bring any insight through from spirit as we are talking if you feel like it. I want to explore why people want to know their blueprint and who seeks it - is it when people feel confused or after they have had trauma - what are the key reasons? Paul, I'd love to know your ancient wisdom perspective please and Erzsi, yours from a mentoring position. As a spirituial / soul mentor - which you all are - do you need to know someone's pre-birth plan in order to assist them? Can knowing it be overwhelming? What are the strategies to align it with how you are living? Is it possible to change it - and how do you do that?

What are Spiritual Pre-birth Plans & Can We Change Them? Is it good to know why we are living this journey or overwhelming? Our experts share how to identify and align your pre-birth plan with your now and if you can change it. Watch 8pm Wed 13 May www.soultv.com.au

This is a huge question and opens up all sorts of areas so I will keep my thoughts and insights as simple as possible.

Do I believe we have a pre-birth plan? Absolutely! As a matter of fact in my workshops "Living your life on Purpose" we look at exactly that. To begin with it is important to remember that we are all here for a reason. There are no spare people on the planet and in fact it takes a huge amount of effort, organisation and co-operation for us to get here into the physical plane in the first place and this is how all the ancient peoples see it.

Many of the ancient people looked to the stars for confirmation of who was coming through. They knew the leaders would be born on the full moon. In Chinese mythology and ancient times the women born in the year of the fire horse were drowned at birth because of all the trouble they would bring. Today they would be seen as full on radical rebels who don't fit, they just don’t fit.

Very early on in ones life the indigenous people would watch the children as they played and grew. Looking for signs of what particular skill they brought to the tribe. You have your healers, your gardeners, your leaders and your artists to name a few. They were all taken and trained in their particular skill.

In my opinion the quickest way to unfolding your path is to look at the natural talents and abilities that you were born with. The things that give you the greatest joy. Mostly they will be the same things. The things you would do whether you got paid or not and the family situations you were born into that would give you both challenges and skills for the future. These are your clues to your blue print. Imagine if Picasso had become a plumber instead of a painter because he believed he would make more money that way. Look at what the world would have missed out on had he made that choice.

Why do we seek to know our pre-birth plan? Again because it is our blueprint for who we are and what we are here for. Just as a seed knows how to grow into a tree, we hold within us everything we need to know to fulfill our destiny and our journey. To play our part in the grand plan that is evolution, Universally. We are one important thread in the grand tapestry of the Universe. No-one is more important than enyone else and yet we all play an important part.

Did we agree to be born into this reality? Yes we did and on the way we lost our manual that told us what we were here for. Little by little we begin to piece together the jigsaw that is our life. If the whole picture had been handed to us from day one we would probably say "No way get me out of here NOW!" Think of it as a treasure hunt as we gather clues about our lives, meet people and travel to places that have parts of that puzzle for us. Take that sense of adventure and discovery with you as you begin to find the clues. Remember also that you are co-creating your world. You have guides all around to assist you. You are not alone. They turn up at the most opportune times. Most people refer to it as synchronicity or coincidence.

Can we change our pre-birth plan? There is always free will, this is a free will Universe even though there are many who think they have power over us and would try to convince us otherwise. So you can choose not to follow your blue print. Spirit will try bloody hard to pull you back on your track. If you ignore this long enough or insist on not listening the soul will often abort your mission and you will have to report back to spirit and probably have to start all over again. Personally I would llike to get it right the first time.

When you surrender your ego and move into service of others, moving from what can I get to how can I serve? bringing with you your skills and abilities, life becomes an amazing adventure and then you know without a doubt that you are on track and walking the pre-birth plan that your wrote for yourself before you came in. Then when you get to the end of your Earth walk you can truly say I have done all I can, I have done my best.

Remember to always follow your heart and live your dreams.

Paul Hoogendyk




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