• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Is your over-emotional state Ruling your life?

SOUL TV Episode 37:Airing date Tues March 17th

Topic: Is Your Over-Emotional State Ruling Your Life?

Firstly being over emotional is a STATE and STATES can be changed.

When we are over emotional it is how our unconscious mind has learnt to express itself and it needs to learn that it has other emotions and other resources with which to express itself more fully. An example of this would be driving to work the same way every day because it is the only way you know, not realising that there are so many other routes perhaps maybe shorter and more scenic.

When we are unconsciously locked into just one emotion it can rule our lives as we need to express ourselves to be able to heal, deal and move on in the world. Emotion is energy in motion. Just as a baby is crying one minute and laughing the next they are free with their emotional and energetic states and they express the moment and then move past it.

For someone who is expressing themselves in one way only, neurologically it has become the super highway for all their emotional expression.

For others who are uncomfortable with a person expressing their emotions so outwardly, it often is highlighting their inability to express themselves openly. Unfortunately our society has successfully made it inappropriate for people to express their emotions openly which can often lead to anxiety, depression and illness. These two opposites are the extremes of a range of available emotions and learning to find middle ground, is the balance.

What can we do to bring ourselves back into balance? Working with someone who knows how to help you access and alter your unconscious reactions would be a good start i.e. a good NLP practitioner or Hypnotherapist. They would find it relatively easy to address the problem. They could also help by giving an anchor for to be used as a resource to be able to access and express a full range of emotions in a more balanced way.

What is anchoring? Imagine a song that takes you back to a particular memory or time in your life. This is an anchor, a strong connection to an emotional memory or state via the music. Every time you hear the music it will take you back to that state. This can be used to great advantage especially when working with an experienced practitioner. It can build a strong neurological bridge from one emotion to another.

Does it matter if it came from a past life etc? No it doesn’t matter. All time is now and so it can be changed in the now. What matters is that we CAN access states that can help us in the here and now.

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