• Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk

Do You Second Guess Yourself too much?

Do you second-guess yourself too much? Our guest Lisa is scared about making the wrong choice between two opportunities. Our experts help her and show her how to feel strong, not doubtful, with her choices. Watch 8pm Mon 27 Apr www.soultv.com.au

Is it second guessing or simply "thinking" too much. Maybe, but for us it was a lesson well learnt to go with our instincts which is always the first insight or answer to THAT question. Remember insight is the sight from within. Intuition is the tuition from within. Second guessing, for us, is the mind wanting to control things. This is where doubt is allowed to creep in.

If you are passionate about something that is calling you, then it IS your life path. Confusion comes when you see the two as separate. They are not separate! Excitement and passion is the cells of your body which hold the blue print of your soul, telling you that you are on track.

In the middle of one of our great oceans is a whirlpool called in ancient times, Te wheke or the octopus. When the ancient tribes travelled on the great currents of the oceans they knew they would encounter this whirlpool. They used their intuition and knowledge to guide them through. They had to choose one arm of the whirlpool, the one that would take them safely to the other side. It took great courage and belief in themselves to commit. Once committed there was no turning back. Once in the middle of that whirlpool it is hard to see the way out. At times there were 200 to 300 lives on that canoe, all agreed with the decision made and the outcome of that decision. If you get stuck in the will I, won't I, can I, should I, what if…that is the whirlpool of the mind pulling you in and it will suck you down a path that may not have been the best choice.

At times we risk being pulled into the whirlpool of the mind and therefore stalling our progress. Go within, follow your inner knowing and what your heart is guiding you to do. We often ask people if they know when they are off their path and what does it feel like? 99% say that they do know when they are off their path only too well. So by the same token you will know when you are on your path as it will be the opposite feeling. So trust that you will know that you are at least going in the right direction. We will commit to something and if there is an ease and an energy behind it, then we know we are on the right track. We call this green lights. If you are constantly getting "red" lights, then maybe it is time to change tack or at least pull back for a while. Even with green lights, will every step be easy. No! But there will be a part of you that will tell you to keep going. Any choice you make from the heart and that excites you and you are passionate about is never wrong because there will always be something that you will gain from it.



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