• Phoebe Hoogendyk

Beginner Steps for Connection to Spirit?

SOUL TV EPISODE 93: Beginner steps for connection with Spirit.

Airing Tuesday May 12th

When I was young I used to see spirits but I blocked them when I got older because I was scared. Growing up I didn't have anyone around me to help me so I tried to push it away but now I am ready to embrace it. The problem is that I am studying myself how to work with spirit but I get confused as to who the messages are for; I have feelings and emotions wash over me so I don't know how to control that; and I want to be consistent in my communication with spirit. Please help me!

Beginner steps for connection with spirit. Our viewer Nathalie is starting to work with spirit after blocking her connection for many years. We help her with great beginner techniques for grounding, protection and consistency in working with spirit. Watch 8pm Tues 12 May www.soultv.com.au

From the moment we are conceived we all have a connection to spirit/spirits. Because of our individuality we have different ways of connecting. Some of us through hearing, others through seeing, feeling (empathic) and others through smells. For after all, we are spirit so we cannot be not connected. We freely interact as young ones with this "other" unseen world until the outside world, usually through our parents, religion, friends, peer groups, media particularly etc. make us question our innocent view of the world. We become fearful and our natural connection to spirit shuts down. Most of us who have been on this planet for some time now have all had to re-awaken or reboot if you like, our connection to spirit in one way or another. I personally, deliberately, shut down my connection to spirit so that I could fit into the world of my ex-husband. It kept on at me until there came a time when I could no longer deny who or what I was. I wrote about this in more detail in my first book "Set By the Ancients" Book 1. A journey of Trust, Love and Adventure. My re-awakening was dramatic to say the least and it spelt the end of my first marriage….my choice. I took my power back and stepped into who I truly came here to be.

Re-entry can be gentle though. Baby steps and the simplest way is to first acknowledge that you are spirit and therefore connected always to all there is. It is very important to stay centred and out of fear when you are inviting messages from spirit into your world. The way I know if I am centred is to tune into my solar plexus area, which is the region just below the centre line of the rib cage. If this area is open then I am centred. When it is closed or tight especially in a situation I am unsure of, then I will quietly back away from the situation because my core self is telling me to be aware. I always bring love and light into my centre before beginning work on myself or someone else as this protects me. Some people surround themselves in a bubble of light, whichever colour they feel comfortable with and drawn to.

When working in the unseen realms it is imperative that our work space/home/ body is clear and there are many ways of doing this which include smudging with cedar or white sage smoke. Alcohol and drugs push you out of your body and when you are out something else will always come in. How many times have we witnessed someone change dramatically when they are under the influence of whatever. The next day they will always say "that wasn't me" and you can bet your life it wasn't.

If an energy or message comes to you it is a good thing to check the identity of who is giving you the message and why. How is this done? You simply ask, who are you and what do you want? Then tune into your feeling centre again to see what your solar plexus is doing. Make the intent also that you are only available to work with love and light and high vibration unless you want to work with the dark side and that is also your choice and your responsibility…be warned, they don't play fair in that realm. If you want to know who the message is for, again ask and ask for clarity every time, no wishy washy, what the heck does that mean! messages or symbols. Any energy or spirit worth your while to work with will be clear in their communication.

During our first awakening we were offered both teams to play on. We all are, whether we are aware of it or not. The choices you make are the ones you have to live with.

The best way to control feelings and emotions that wash over you is to first STOP, then question whether they are yours or not. Again you simply ask and your unconscious mind, when you are still and listening, will speak to you through your solar plexus and let you know. If it is relaxed they are your emotions, if tight they belong to someone else and you step back from them by acknowledging that fact…they are not your emotions so do not take them on.

Most importantly be very clear about who you want to be in contact with, what you are available for and how the communication comes through. Remember you are in charge. If spirit wants to talk to you, it will be on your terms and then you will know what the message is, who it is for and you won't be thrown all over the shop. Just like you wouldn't respond to every email that comes to you, you learn to be discerning about what you will let in. Universal law states that they cannot impinge or impose on you unless you let them in. So how do you stop them from coming in. State that this is your space, it is sacred to you and nothing and no-one may enter your space unless you give them permission on a conscious level…now they cannot sneak in unconsciously.

There are so many ways to communicate clearly with spirit, through thought, pendulum, cards etc. I prefer direct, clear messages as though someone is speaking directly to me. My statement to spirit is to be clear, concise and direct when communicating with me.

Remember that spirituality is your own personal journey to creator and evolution. It must be done your way and if you state clearly what you want and how you want it, then it will be. Stay in your power. Many of us have forgotten that we are incredibly powerful beings. Reclaim your birthright and step fearlessly into your spiritual future.

In love and light,

Phoebe Hoogendyk



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