• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk

Ancient Principles of Self Growth- Ancient wisdom and Wing Chun Kung Fu philosophy.

SOULTV EPISODE:52 TITLE: Ancient principles of self growth - ancient wisdom and Wing Chun Kung Fu philosophy.

What did the ancients do to empower themselves and what wisdom did they apply to promote this growth and what principles survive today? This is such a huge topic and covers everything from mysticism to the Universe and beyond. So, where to begin? Let’s start with something simple, that whether we look for it consciously or not, it still exists in our world today. Ceremony or ritual! All ancient cultures lived for their ceremonies, their rituals. It gave their lives structure, understanding, meaning and more importantly, a way to connect with the cycles of nature, of life and death and the creator. They understood that they were a part of everything not separate from it. Remember for the ancients “God” was in everything, not just in a box we call a church. Everything was sacred, the sky, the rivers, the Earth, the animals, all other people and things, the Universe and beyond, plus the unseen. Our disconnection from that has allowed us to destroy the planet we live on without a thought and a care. We have never felt or been more separated, alone, disempowered and afraid. Our governments use the indigenous peoples connection to land to dis-empower them by taking their land and rituals away from them and try to make them “one of us”. Thank fully there are many people now who understand that we need their wisdom, their understanding of our connection to all, and are now standing to fight with them to keep their connection to the land, for they are the land and we are all lost without it.

Today finally there is hope, a turn around as more and more people look to ancient wisdom to re-connect with what we thought we had lost but which in actual fact has been lying dormant within ourselves, waiting for the moment to re-awaken. So we reach out to the ceremonies of the First Nations of America, the indigenous peoples of South America, the Inuit, the (Ab)Origines of Australia, to all the spirit keepers of the world who hold the ancient knowledge of ceremony, in a bid to find our hearts and reconnect with our souls, in essence to re-connect with each other. As we participate in our ceremonies and rituals whether made up by ourselves or borrowed from other cultures, we begin to open our eyes and hearts to how the world really is and the veil begins to fall away from our eyes. We seek like minded people and no longer feel alone, the fear begins to fade a little and we feel a sense of empowerment creep into our hearts and minds. We begin to stand up for ourselves and fight for our rights and for the wrongs committed against us to be corrected.

From rituals and ceremonies we learn discipline and focus. Whether you take up a martial art or dance or express yourself through art or media of some kind...you begin to find yourself, your place in your community, your place in the bigger picture and more importantly..your tribe.

So many people are waking up everyday knowing that something is missing from their lives. So they create rituals and ceremonies to find peace, to ground themselves and hopefully make sense of the seeming madness that surrounds them in the 3D world we live in. It helps us to live and find purpose for living. So to sum up for us the most important principle or wisdom that we can use that survives today from ancient times is ritual. Whether in your home or outside. We need to find our Kaitiaki, our guardian that holds power for us. What are you drawn to, a rock, water, the bush, mountains, the sea... it is a part of who you are, your ancient heritage and it needs to be honoured. Then you open the way for you to connect with your inner power and your tribe. When you go there it will be like going to a petrol station and filling up with fuel and believe us you won’t find it in a shopping centre.

Sit in your power place as the ancients did and meditate, another principle or discipline from times past, listen to all and soak up the answers that come from your questions and breathe....just breathe!

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