• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk


SOUL TV Episode 38:Airing Wednesday 18th March

Topic: Are we all descended from Extra-Terrestrials?

Our answer to this would be a categorical YES! Our journeys to many of the ancient cultures and sacred sites on this planet, leave us with no doubt that we were seeded by extra-terrestrials. That is why science has not found the missing link as they have been looking in the wrong place. We cannot get there with the story of civilisation going back only 5,000+ years. Suspend your beliefs for a moment about what we have all been taught and told, and what has been put down to myth and legend or mere stories from “primitive” cultures.

We have been to Central Australia travelling with the Elders who have never been removed from their lands and shown foots prints of their Ancestors embedded in rock that is hundreds of thousands of years old. We have stood at openings of the Earth that once spewed fire that were named by the then inhabitants as a place where fire comes from the Earth, many thousands of years ago. The Original peoples of Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa all state very clearly that their ancestors came from the Pleiades and to this day still celebrate the rising of the star system in our skies. We have seen ancient drawings of huge space craft, tucked away in very remote places, pecked into the rock, pecking being the oldest form of carving known in Australia. The Dogon of Mali West Africa, celebrate the return of Sirius B every 52 years, The Sigi Ceremony. Sirius B cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet they have known and celebrated its’ existence for many thousands of years. Sirius is where their ancestors the “Nomo” or water beings came from who taught them their law/lore, how to grow food and live with the land. All the ancient cultures tell through their stories, their art and ways of being with the Earth, their connection and descent from off Earth cultures.

In the pyramids of China there are mummified remains of giants that they say were the sun kings who built the pyramids and many of the ancient temples. They are white skinned, red haired and between 9ft and 10ft tall. The evidence is everywhere when you start to look. From the jungles of Mexico to the megaliths of South America – from the hidden pyramids and hieroglyphs in Australia to the Sphinx and Pyramids of ancient Egypt. There is technology and building techniques all around us in these ancient places that we still cannot replicate today.

For us the question would be not that our ancestors came from off planet but why has it and does it continue to be covered up. As this is our true heritage and belongs to us all.

Were the ET’s not human? We suspect that many were very human indeed and others lent their genetics to create some of us. The story of the genetic manipulation of the Original people of Australia is carved into the rocks on the central coast of NSW. We have seen it. We could go on and on but from our understanding the Earth was first set up as a garden of Eden with the food we would need in place and animals as our companions. At some point in our history the plan was hijacked by another off world race with their own agenda and much of our original DNA was shut down. This is why the ancient cultures are so important as they are the living records to the past and hold the true story of our planet in their DNA, especially the Australian Origines. Many people work at this time is to help re-awaken the sleeping DNA within us all and help to re-instate our true way of being.

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