• Paul and Phoebe Hoogendyk


Prophecy is renewing all the time - and it’s not all doom and gloom even though that is how it is perceived - how do we use prophecy to help us in modern times and how was ancient prophecy used - is it that different today?

A dear friend of ours Barry Brailsford tells a story of a tribe in British Columbia who went to the sea shore near their village to notice that the tide had gone out further than anyone had ever seen before. What had been uncovered by the tide going out, was an ancient carving on one of the now exposed rocks. No-one knew the meaning of the symbols carved into the rock. After some discussion with their spirit keeper, they were told that they needed to go to Aotearoa/New Zealand, take images of the carving with them to the people of the North Island as there they would find the answer. They turned up at Barry’s door and he took them to the Elders of the Waitaha Nation, a tribe who have lived in NZ long before the Maori. As they sat in council and showed them the images, one of the Elders stood up and took a toko toko or talking stick down from a shelf in the meeting hut. He handed it to the people from British Columbia saying as he did so..”Our prophecy has now been fulfilled.” The same markings were on the talking stick as were on the stones. In Ancient times there had been a well established trade route between British Columbia and Aotearoa. Ancient links had on that day been re-established. Such were the minds of the Ancient tribes that they could see that far into the future. It is our understanding that the Ancient people could see way into the future because their minds were open and not cluttered with technology. Separation from each other and fear. They understood their place in the Universe and the cosmos as a whole and the ever repeating and renewing cycles of time and space.

Thousands of years ago the ancients wrote down for all who came after them to see, that this time of change would come and we have choice. This is clearly marked on prophecy rock in Hopi lands in Arizona. Carved thousands of years ago it clearly depicts this time and the choices we would have to make...It is carved on the ancient walls and tombs in Egypt and the hieroglyphs of the Mayans, whether we follow the one hearted path; the good red road and stay close to the Earth or follow the road of the two hearted people and remain separated by our physical possessions and technology. Most of the Ancient tribes who hold the Earth sacred knowing that we are part of the Earth, have the same prophecy and this is why it is changing all the time as we swing from one heart to two hearts. We hold the balance. In our experience with the spirit keepers of the ancient ways and prophecies, we must re-connect with the Earth and each other if we are to survive. It is not doom and gloom it is all good if we step up, and play our part in connecting and balancing us all to all that is and will be. What people can do is bring that ideal into their lives and live more softly on the Earth, become creators instead of consumers, respect all living things and all things that dwell on this planet and within the Cosmos...for we are all one. It is easy it only becomes hard when we step away from our true way of being.

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