• Phoebe Hoogendyk



It is said that one of the most important decisions you will ever make is whether you believe you live in a beautiful, supportive Universe where you are nurtured, protected and all your needs are met or you believe that the world is a dangerous place filled with fear and struggle; for whatever you choose to believe, you will be right!

We stand at such a crossroad in our very existence as a species at this point in time. The Hopi of the First Nations People, have always said that they help to keep the planet in balance through their prayers and ceremonies. Now it is time for the rest of us to step up and help to keep the balance at a time when our governments and media would have us believe that the world IS a dangerous place and we need to be protected. I suggest, now more than ever, that we challenge that paradigm. The job of the media seems to be to spread fear and disinformation.

Understand that we are all one, that the person next to you loves their family and their children too and most are just doing the best they can with what they have. Many would have you believe that people of a different race, colour or religion are to be feared. Being different could mean they are dangerous. Divide and conquer has always been the strategy of the power brokers. Unity, tolerance and acceptance of all nations has been ad will always be the only way forward. The challenge is to reach out to someone different today...extend the hand of friendship, for the World really is a beautiful place and all great change starts from small beginnings. Love he world and it will love you back. Lets reclaim the original plan for this planet. One of love, beauty and balance. For you are NOT alone. Stand in your courage! Be the change that you want to see in the World: NOW is the time!

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