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All our MP3s are studio produced with real people and muscians so you can appreciate that we have put a lot into producing the best self help cds on the market today.

Narrated by Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner  and Trainer Paul Hoogendyk with over 30 years of clinic experience, these CDs have been uniquely crafted with love, skill and compassion to help you be all you can and want to be.



Blessings , Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk



RETURN to the Light: is designed to lead you to your highest purpose in life.  Have you ever wondered why you are here, how you can be of greater service to yourself, others and the planet; what is it you came here to do?
Come and find yourself! Can also be used to find direction in any stage in or of your life.  

RELEASE: A 45 minute ceremony that helps you to cut the ties to those who no longer serve or support your path, with honour and respect. Keeping the positive learnings from the connection. Not only does it set you free it sets them free as well. Even aspects of yourself.

Great Smoking Mirror: is designed to lead you to your deepest limiting decisions and beliefs.  Find where they came from in the first place; take the higher learning and meaning and then assist you to release them  forever so that you can move rapidly forward into  your true potential. 

PATHWAY to the HEART: Knowledge by itself is not enough to move forward in balance and harmony. The ancient teachings say that it is the blending of the head and the heart that creates this state. The Hardest journey we will ever make is from the head to the heart...from your logical mind into your intuitive knowing...it is only 3 hand spans in width.

A full 45 minute ceremony that will take you to your place of power with 
your power animals and guides to 
find the answer to THAT question.
Find the answer to that which you seek. A very powerful journey.

Volume 1 Touching the Earth: The Greenstone Journeys. Stories are one of the most amazing ways to teach and learn. This album is filled with stories gathered from our own greenstone journeys and some we heard on the way. Narrated by Master Story Teller Paul Hoogendyk

COMING HOME THE JOURNEY WITHIN: will take you inside yourself to that place where you have all the answers to the questions you seek, that place of power where you can be all that you came here to be. Available only as an MP3 or as a gift when you sign up to our newsletter.

Soundscapes Volume 1: Sanctuary. Follow this story told in sound. Where you go is where your imagination will take you. All the nature sounds were recorded in the field and are true natural sounds.

Volume 2 of Touching the Earth. Stories of Hope for a Changing World:Stories are one of the most powerful and yet subtle ways of teaching and learning. Everyone will hear something different. You will hear what it is you need to know right now. Narrated by Master Storyteller Paul Hoogendyk. A 2 CD pack of stories of hope from all over the world and channeled poetry.

The Shaman's Gift is a journey of the spirit into the wild open spaces. Giving the listener room to grow and expand their view of themselves and the world of spirit. From desert winds and horses to deep lakes be taken on a shamanic journey of the spirit. Approx 33 minutes of deep relaxing meditation.