All these Albums are available as MP3s only.

They have been designed for a specific purpose using cutting edge techniques.



Blessings , Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk



SLEEP BABY: Do you have trouble getting baby to sleep? Hands down this album is the best way. Created by Paul Hoogendyk Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Master Story Teller and Acupuncturist. Using the natural heartbeat, delta waves and soft soothing sounds of nature that we are all hard wired to relax to. Paul has created an amazing and unique album. 
Divided into 3 tracks you can let it play all the way through or just one track at a time. The tracks repeat so that at the end of each track baby drops into a deeper sleep when the next one begins.

I CAN"T SLEEP A Guided journey to the land of sleep for children:This album is designed to take children aged between 2-12 years of age on a beautiful journey into sleep. It is designed, created and narrated by Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Paul Hoogendyk using soothing delta wave forms and the sounds of nature to calm the mind and body.