Some of our favourite links to people and things you may enjoy and find useful


JO ELLIOTT PHOTOGRAPHY For those of you who have read our books, this is Aunty Jo.


Carla Woody: Founder of Kenosis, Kenosis Spirit Keepers, Author, dear friend and fellow spiritual traveller. You can view her work @


Barry Brailsford: Author of many books about New Zealand and its spiritual heritage, Mentor and friend.www.stoneprint.co.nz

Sarena Webb: Author of Serene Dawn

"Save our Mother Earth!" That is the plea of the remaining descendants of an ancient South American tribe, Colombia’s Kogi Indians from their dying mountain range – the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Serene Dawn is the true story of a solo woman traveller in one of the most dangerous travel destinations in the world- the coastal mountains of Caribbean Colombia. Her search is for answers and understanding a chaotic world. Her path takes her through the treacherous and beautiful mountains that is the home of the Kogi Indians. After being robbed by her guide a Kogi Shaman adopts her and teaches her another way of life. Along the way she experiences drug territories and war zones to the other extreme of indigenous knowledge and prophecy of the current times. Sometimes sad, funny and exciting - but always profound - it is a moving account of a searching soul fulfilling dreams despite the odds. It is a must read for those who question human-kind’s existence and the deterioration of the planet.....

Dr Stephen Hardy: Author, Scientist, friend and all round good person. He has lots of interesting ideas and offers great advice. www.promotinggoodhealth.com

Mamadou Traore: A wonderful dogon guide and friend.




Panoramic Journeys: They were absolutely the best company to go to Mongolia through. www.panoramicjourneys.com

Wanderbird cruises with Captains Rick and Karen. Just the best way to sail to the Arctic and Labrador and Greenland. Just love these guys and their ship.

Forgotten Origin: Steve and Evan Strong's new theory of Human Civilization..