November/December 2011

Represents the awakened Human in all aspects of themselves.


Going to Scotland in the middle of winter from an Aussie summer for Paul and I may seem like a bit of a mad thing to do, but when spirit calls and these are the directions....well off you go. Four of our good friends have asked to come with us and it will be so much fun to have them along. Paul's Aunty Jo from NZ, Carla Woody, Lucinda Brogden and Doug Easterling from the USA, will meet us in Glasgow and from there we will travel to the Isles of Skye and Lewis, through the Scottish Highlands to Loch Ness, just can't be there and not go; and then we fly to Orkney where we will stay in Stenness right by the standing stones of Stenness and the two Lochs where we have been guided to do the ceremony to place the 11th sacred stone symbol...not sure whether it will be the Loch of Harrah or Stenness but that will become clear in the fullness of time. 


Paul has had a vision and he knows that we must take the stone to Maes Howe, to be bathed in the light that travels down the long narrow, low entrance on or near the winter solstice, that touches the back wall and can sometimes light up the whole interior. Maes Howe is described as a magnificent Neolithic chambered tomb built around 5000 years ago and one of the finest architectural achievements of prehistoric Europe. What it was used for no-one can say for sure we only know that it has a very strong energy to it and we have been drawn there for whatever reason. See the picture in the gallery below. 


So glad I am not a travel agent. Didn't realise just how involved it would be to organise accommodation, car hire for Glasgow and Orkney, ferry tickets etc for us all especially now that Doug is unable to join us until the day before we fly to Orkney and the ferry company doesn't open for winter tickets until just before we leave.

Challenging accommodating everyone's preferences and fun also and if I must say so myself, we did end up in some of the most beautiful places to stay with the exception of the Holiday Inn in Glasgow which was fine and literally over the road from Glasgow airport...more for convenience than anything else.

So us girls and Paul meet up in Glasgow and then head out the next day to Skye after I, Phoebe, designated driver, learn how to use this particular gear shift! 

We all fall in love with the country side that winds slowly by on the narrow roads past beautiful little towns and lochs of all shapes and sizes. By the time we get to the bridge to Skye and have stopped for supplies as we have opted for self contained accommodation along our journey, the winds have picked up and as Carla steps out of the car she is literally blown away. This won't be the last time and we have such a laugh about it all as the weather becomes our biggest challenge. Never once did any of us feel frightened or threatened...just lovingly held by the Ancients in such safety.


I could write the whole wonderfully funny story right now but that would leave nothing for book 3...so I will put in a few highlights.

Highlight 1. Arriving at The Old Staffin Inn Skye during the worst storm that year...by accident...it was pitch black, blowing a gale and I turned into a road to find out where we were and we were right there...beautiful little old inn and it blew a gale all night for most of the time there. 

Paul took off one night to have a wee dram or two with the owner and his son....and Paul doesn't even drink...our fire wood took a long time to get to us..."An Aussie waylaid me and got me drunk," said Callum...yea right!


Highlight 2. Taking the vehicle ferry over to the Isle of Skye in a howling gale.."surely they don't go when it blows like this" said someone...oh yes they do!


Highlight 3. First time at the standing stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. What an amazing place. Each time we went there the look and energy was so different and snowing lots helped that too!  Our homely B&B was right next to it. Owned and run by a falconer and his wife it was a memorable stay.


Highlight 4. Catching the ferry to Ullapool and the drive to Loch Ness through snow on the look out for wild deer.


Highlight 5. The worst storm in 10 years to hit Scotland with winds gusting up to 240 miles per hour that had us holed up in the Holiday Inn for an extra day before we could get to Orkney.


Highlight 6. Stepping into our home for our stay on Orkney..."Odin". It was like walking into a vogue magazine..so beautiful and right next to the stones of Stenness and near the Ring of Brogdar and one of the biggest Neolithic sites/finds of Europe. Mind you we had a hire car that sat 6 people only with out room for two pieces of luggage each...!

You should have seen our faces when we first saw it...talk about being gob smacked!


Highlight 7. Being in Maes Howe near the Solstice time during a lunar eclipse and in the eye of a storm. Did the sun shine down the entrance and into the chamber? Our guide told us he hadn't seen it happen for 7 years...you will have to read book 3 to find out. Once I have written it of course.


Highlight 8.The stone ceremony...did it happen and when and where?

Highlight 9. Exploring Glasgow for a couple of days before flying home.


Highlight 10 All the in between bits of our adventure..the towns, the people, the fun and the discoveries, made all the more poignant when shared with beautiful friends.

Thank you to you all for co-creating one of the most beautiful, nurturing sacred stone journeys. It is sad to think that by the end of January 2012 they will all be over and that is just a few months away. The end of 8 years of commitment and challenges..not going to think about it right now as we are not sure how we feel about it all and our final journey will probably be one of the most physically challenging yet.




One of the standing stone of Callanish. Also an incredibly powerful place.