Paul is a qualified and practising Acupuncturist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner/ trainer, Results Coach, Certified in Master Hypnosis, a bone and jade carver and last but not least a Master Story Teller.

Phoebe is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, NLP Practitioner/trainer, Results Coach, certified in Master Hypnosis and Multi Dimensional Cellular Clearing.

They have worked together since 1988 in their own clinics in South Australia and now...


"MAURI NATURAL THERAPY" in Northern N.S.W. Australia.

Their intent is to share the journey that spirit set them on in 1991 so that it may help others to have the courage to follow their own instincts and inner knowing. Therefore becoming more of who they are truly meant to be in this time of uncertainty and change, with hope, intent, clarity and loads of fun.

It is also to honour the Ancient people, their knowledge and wisdom and the ancient sacred sites of this amazing planet we get to call home.

You can read all about how they got together, their spiritual journeys leading up to their meeting and from then on together, specifically the first four journeys in their first two books of the trilogy "Set By The Ancients".


It has led them to powerful places; extraordinary people and some amazing adventures/happenings all over the Earth.

IN JANUARY 2012 THE 12TH SACRED STONE JOURNEY WAS COMPLETED AND ALL THE STONES CONNECTED AT THE FINAL CEREMONY ON THE RIDGE OF THE WISDOM KEEPERS AOTEARO/NEW ZEALAND.                                                                                                                                                      

The first was to New Zealand's South Island in June 2004 and the second to a sacred lake high in the Andes Mts of Peru in June 2005. The third to Tibet and to Lake Manasarovar, one of the most sacred Lakes in Tibet, near Mt Kailash in September 2005. The fourth to the Big Island of Hawaii in June 2006 and to see where the others have gone follow these journeys through this site as snippets of the adventures and photos are posted. Just click on the different symbols on the bottom of every page to read about each journey separately.

and a poem by Paul...


"The Channel is open,

The vessel is there....but no - one is talking,

Where are the Elders?

The little ones play by the Adults chair...but no - one is talking,

Where are the Elders?

The old ones grumble under a medicated haze "If only I had Lived!"

Where are the Elders?

The children will wait but not for long..computer games call!

Where are the Elders?

It's time to stand up, its time to stand tall, its time to speak

to regain our voice for

We..are the Elders!"

Paul Hoogendyk